The Benefits of Giving Back as an Image Consultant

Giving back as an image consultant

Develop a giving mindset to build an extensive community with consistency and reliability. Think about what you can do for others first to succeed in professional relationships. Image consultants work to improve people’s images and lifestyles, so they are givers by nature.

It is important to give back to partners, clients, and everyone who participates in your work. Above all, stay genuine and authentic in your giving. Your partners and clients will remember your kindness. That will lead you to:

  • Growing your reputation
  • Increasing your resources
  • Expanding your network
  • Boosting the client loyalty


Giving back is a value that can be implemented in your business so you and your team practice it daily. Next, we offer you a few ideas on how to put it into practice.


Having a goodwill attitude is a human tendency, but it is also something that can be worked on. These ideas will help you improve giving habits and well-being in your business:

1. Start by listening. Start with something as basic as communication. On many occasions, people focus on what they want to say, on getting their message across, and they forget the other part: listening. You can reverse this pattern and listen to other people more.

2. Make a specific resolution, for example, perform a giving act a day. You can raise it individually or propose it to the team. It doesn’t have to be grand gestures, sometimes it can be as simple as checking in with clients how they are doing.

3. Share your resources and delegate responsibilities to your team. Equip them with knowledge and skills.

4. Create a mentoring system or offer to be one. This professional relationship can go both ways, for example, a seasoned image consultant can share experience and expertise with newbies who want to enter the image consulting industry.

5. Contribute to nonprofit organizations related to image and lifestyle. Through volunteering, you will gain:

  • A better understanding of yourself
  • Image consulting experience
  • Confidence in your abilities
  • Opportunities to practice your communication and leadership skills
  • New connections to people in your community


6. If you have a physical office, you can create a “community giveaway” where colleagues can bring things they no longer use or need: clothes, household items, books… Another colleague could use it. Having a common place to exchange can improve the team spirit, as everyone contributes and benefits at the same time.

7. Giving back as the CEO is the most important, since you have more power to change the environment. For this reason, it is essential that you demonstrate it through small acts and gestures that improve the well-being of your employees, without being directly related to generating profits: eating lunch together, activities and retreats, decoration of the office… If you ask your team, they will surely help and come up with ideas.

These practices will surely help your team stay more united and connected, as well as contributing to the well-being of the employees. Remember that every giving gesture with your team and clients should be honest and real. Keep reading to discover ways in which you can practice genuine giving in your day to day.


A personal story of Jen Auh, founder of Style Konsult & STYiLES and expert image consultant, shows different ways in which you can be genuine in your giving to improve your personal and professional relationships as an image consultant:

I do a lot of favors for people. One of my contacts needed space to film an interview. I allowed her to use my office for shooting. She was on a tight budget, so, although I’ve previously rented my office to production companies, I allowed her to use the space without cost. Her project came out beautifully, and my generosity was a part of making it happen.

This story is the perfect example of how having a giving mindset can make a big difference in your work and daily life. As an image consultant, you want to make sure that your professional interactions and connections are always based on authenticity. So, these are the fundamental elements to establishing genuine relationships:

  • Providing the right items or services
  • Communicating clearly
  • Keeping payment due dates


It takes time to build new relationships. “Trust must be earned”, Jen points out in her first book STYiLES. Do favors for people and provide recommendations without expecting anything in return.

If you are kind and genuine to others, you will receive the same positive treatment from the people you helped achieve their goals. That is one of the main benefits of giving back. Read Jen Auh’s story below to find out about the positive impact that giving back can have on the life of a professional image consultant.


The image consultant Jen Auh experienced a clear case of how giving back can benefit both parties. Since she moved to Korea a few years ago, Jen has worked with The Open Closet, the non-profit organization that performs alterations in suits and rents them at a low cost for people who need it for an interview. They created a Confidence Consulting program for people who need to improve their appearance to boost their confidence for getting a new job or looking for a better lifestyle.

Through Confident Consulting, Jen provides head-to-toe makeovers for 10 people each season. She offers styling, communication, and behavior tips to participants who have been selected based on the story of why they need the services. Each receives a $250 grant to get new clothes, a haircut, etc.

“My main goal is to give people hope. I want to provide them with a new look that makes them feel powerful and optimistic”, affirms Jen. She expresses that the program has influenced her consulting style too. It allows her to interact with a different group of people than her regular clientele and research the most effective strategies.

Jen Auh shares more tips and advice on how to build an elite image consulting business in her first book STYiLES. The book is #1 International Bestseller, so get your copy and learn more about the world of elite image consulting.

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