5 Key Tips to Improve Behavior and Etiquette

Good behavior and etiquette

Behavior, etiquette, and communication start with the right image and style. It is important to feel confident from the outside in and display it through good manners. Once someone looks their best, their boost of confidence is reflected in their gestures and attitude. This builds their image and charisma.

In order to make a remarkable impression, people should know how others see and perceive them. With proper behavior, you can show your best side and stand out. An image consultant is the expert who can give useful advice to every client according to their lifestyles and work environments.


To achieve a polished image, the ABC method should be followed:

  • Appearance: Find your personal style and elevate it to feel confident.
  • Behavior: Be empowered to act properly and be your best self.
  • Communication: Express yourself in a charismatic and polite manner.


What is etiquette?

Etiquette contributes to knowing how to behave in any social event. It is important to take into account that these rules help us coexist in society. Since social interactions take place in various contexts, it is important to remember that there are different types of etiquettes that vary based on the level of formality of the situation (from work to a friend’s dinner) and across different cultures.

How to achieve great etiquette?

Charisma, confidence, and personal style are characteristics that define a person. It is essential for a person to have the ability to adapt to different situations and, when doing so, behave with great manners and show impeccable style. Only then will they show the best versions of themselves.

Appropriate style

Good etiquette requires you to put a little more thought into your attire. Work, celebrations, ceremonies, and other events each have their own etiquette and characteristics. Additionally, the type of activity that a person engages in determines their wardrobe. Dressing appropriately for these situations demonstrates a person’s understanding of proper behavior.

Developing a personal style based on one’s taste and body features is the key to feeling confident and empowered on a daily basis. Outfits are the reflection of a person’s personality and identity, so they should be stylish and refined. It doesn’t mean wearing a tailored suit every day, but rather making sure the outfits are polished and elegant: clean, ironed, and appropriate for each environment.

General appearance

Unlike the wardrobe, but complementary to it, personal grooming refers to the care of hair, skin, hands, and other physical aspects of appearance. Personal image is a combination of clothing and external appearance, indicating that an individual has a balanced life and takes the time to care for themselves.

Verbal expression

The tone and the way of saying things makes a big impact on others. A certain volume of voice may be more or less adequate depending on the environment. Similarly, it is fundamental to choose the words carefully and always be respectful.

The way people express themselves says a lot about them. Mastery of language, having a good vocabulary, speaking clearly, etc. is a way of showing one’s best side. That reflects your education, moral values, mindset, and personal beliefs.

Non-verbal communication

Gestures, such as the way people walk, speak, listen, etc., can reveal a lot about someone’s character. Walking with confidence and elegance, standing up straight, and avoiding leaning against a wall can convey different impressions. It is important to be aware of the nonverbal messages that a person may unintentionally communicate.


  • Crossing your arms while talking.
  • Avoiding eye contact.
  • Walking and sitting with a curved back.
  • Walking while dragging your feet.
  • Speaking in a low tone of voice and lacking energy.
  • Hunched shoulders indicate stress and tension.
  • Biting the lips, squeezing the lips, twisting the mouth, etc. They are signs of nervousness or insecurity. Such gestures are not good when we want to convey confidence and security to others. For example, in a business meeting or if we have to give a conference or speak in public.
  • Resting the head on a table or desk makes people look bored, as does resting the head on the hands and looking away.
  • Raised eyebrows can indicate curiosity, but also disbelief. Doing it with a slight smile helps avoid looking skeptical.

Courtesy and good manners

Kindness, courtesy, and good manners are one of the most important traits of people with good etiquette. Appropriate behavior enhances a person’s image. Personal style is a whole and not just a part. You can dress well, have correct body language… but if you don’t have good manners, you only get a small part of that elegance and distinction.

In order to master etiquette, good behavior, and manners, advise your clients to follow the tips that are mentioned below:

Be punctual: Always arrive on time. Making other people wait because you are impolite basically says with your actions, “My time is more valuable than yours”, to those you keep waiting. Time is precious for everyone, so it is essential to be mindful of that and behave accordingly.

Learn people’s names: One of the most important parts of etiquette is knowing how to greet people correctly. Most people understand the importance of first impressions and a firm handshake, but remembering names is relevant too.

Practice active listening: It involves paying attention to the speaker and asking clarifying questions or using reflective statements to show that you understand what they are saying. Nodding and maintaining eye contact also helps; that way, you are showing people that you listen to them.

Develop emotional intelligence: It refers to the ability to see things from other people’s perspectives. It is important to read the room and know what to say or how to behave depending on other people’s energy.

Treat others as you would like to be treated: One of the most important etiquette tips is to follow the golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. Everyone is a human being with feelings, emotions, needs, and dreams of their own. Respect their humanity just as you expect others to respect yours.

As well, they should keep in mind the following key tips:

  • Be honest and genuine.
  • Address problems with solutions.
  • Embrace lifelong learning.
  • Learn to accept constructive criticism.
  • Use common sense.
  • Avoid gossip and address personal matters in private.


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