How to Attract Clients to Your Image Consulting Business

Attract clients

Attracting and getting clients takes time, but this process can be more efficient when applying sales techniques such as prospecting and guiding those potential customers towards a guaranteed sale. It has been proved that 90% of a sale is conviction and the other 10% is persuasion. You have to develop an effective plan that helps you stay in contact with your potential customers until they trust you. We are explaining to you different strategies/techniques on how to attract clients, since the customer base is the backbone of any business.


Study and understand your market fit

You have to analyze your market fit over and over again and make a detailed study of who the potential customers of your products or services really are. Carrying out exhaustive market research and updating it constantly is essential. This is a key step, as it will give you the vision you need to reach these people and, above all, understand what their basic needs are and how your business can satisfy them. The more in depth you research, the more sales and marketing strategies you can implement on how to attract customers.

Associate with companies that are complementary to your business

It is very important that you work hand in hand with companies that can complement your business model and thus ensure a wide participation of your future clients. For instance, image consultants can associate with businesses focused on clothing, custom tailoring, beauty and well-being. Then, both could establish strategies to get customers by sharing the partnership on social networks or on their websites, create points of sale with both brands, advertise on Google, etc. In short, it is an effective way to attract traffic for your business and in a way it helps both companies to obtain benefits.

Also, being part of communities that have a similar point in your product or service will help you belong to a group of people who have the same goals, but with different approaches. This will allow you to learn more and get different ideas so that you can apply them in your company. You can find these groups online, but it is better to meet them in person to have better interaction.

Take part in events

This type of strategy has become very popular in recent years. More and more entrepreneurs are organizing events where they present new initiatives that are similar to meetings and conferences, with the aim of bringing together like-minded companies and sharing experiences. It also helps to attract the attention of customers from related companies and thus generate more sales together. For small companies, this strategy may not see any return on investment at first, but in the long term it could attract great advantages.

Create a strong brand online

Being present online has become a necessary step to get customers. Most of your market fit and potential customers will discover you on the Internet. Nowadays, most people would search ‘Best image consultant’ to find a good professional who can satisfy their needs. Customers tend to trust the reviews and information that they find in search engines like Google. For this reason, it is necessary that you have an online presence so that it is easy for your potential clients to locate you. Furthermore, creating a blog helps attract the attention of potential customers who are interested in your services. By reading it, they will get to know your brand better.

Make the most out of your social networks

Social networks are relevant platforms to meet potential customers. If you use them properly and strategically, social networks can be a great source to increase your sales and build your brand reputation. Various strategies like posting high-quality content or doing Facebook or Instagram ads etc. can help you drive traffic to your website.

Do email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get leads without spending money on advertising. When your potential customers visit your website, ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or promotional emails in an attractive way so you generate leads. Make sure to have your team work on creating inviting and informational emails. Newsletters are a good way to send scheduled content that you receive in your inbox every week or month. There are platforms like Mailchimp or Pardot that schedule these emails quickly and easily.

Improve your communication skills

Another tip to keep in mind is to attract customers by communicating in an effective and continuous way. The marketing department that is in charge of the entire communication strategy, but the whole company communicates. In an increasingly hyperconnected and globalized world, it is needed to interact with each client in order to offer a good client experience.

Build good relationships that last over time

When you are running a small company like a local image consulting business, it becomes necessary to build a good relationship with your customers as well as with your employees. Teamwork and coordination are easy when your collaborators have good relationships with you. If your customers have a good relationship with you, they will also recommend you to their friends and family. Remember: a recommended customer is an assured customer!

Show your value

Share your achievements with your potential customers on every channel you use. Showing your value and your capabilities as a company will help you gain the trust of your potential clients and it will be easier for them to book your services. The world is competitive, so there will be many more companies offering the same products or services. Therefore, you have to stand out. When you are focused on attracting customers, show how your business can be different from any other in your sector and how you can meet your potential clients’ needs.

Always keep the customer experience in mind

The customer experience is the key differentiator of any brand, surpassing the price and the product or service itself. Therefore, it works based on a customer-centric strategy, in which the customer’s needs are treated as a priority, the brand image is reinforced with each interaction, and the customer experience is treated as a skill and not as a function.

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