The Best App for Image Consultants to Grow Their Business

STYiLES App made for efficient Shopping

A tool can be used by anyone, regardless of their profession. Most professions require tools in order to be successful. Just as surgeons need the best tools to perform a successful procedure, image consultants looking to develop their business may require the same.  And sometimes the best tools can be found all in the convenience of one app!

So if you’re an image consultant or personal shopper still looking for the right tools to support your business then look no further! Keep reading to learn more about our new STYiLES app, the best app for image consultants to grow their business!

What is STYiLES?

With the world becoming more digital these days, it was only natural for us to create an accessible and functioning mobile app catered to image consultants. On average, adults spend more than 4 hours on their phones with 88% of that time spent on mobile apps.

STYiLES is an innovative one-stop custom-tailoring and personal shopping mobile IOS app which specializes in providing the best services and products for image consultants to share with their clients. STYiLES was created to provide easy ordering, express delivery, and luxury brands in order to give your clients nothing but the best.  All the help your business would need to grow in the convenience of an app!

How STYiLES Can Help Your Image Consulting Business

Image Consulting business


STYiLES was designed specifically for image consultants. We understand that it has been a tough year for many businesses, but we’re here to help kick things back into gear! Our goal is to help image consultants expand their business with ease. And that can all be possible with the help of our STYiLES app. We offer some of the finest features for image consultants and personal shoppers to utilize for their business and clients.

Below are some of the features on the STYiLES mobile app:

  • Custom Tailoring

Our mobile app is unique in that we provide all of the services you would need as a consultant or personal shopper. Our custom tailoring feature will allow you to make all the edits and alterations right from your office. With our custom tailoring feature, users can customize any clothing piece such as coats, trousers, jackets, and ties. Providing only the highest quality, our products can be tailored to fit the specific needs of each user for their clients.

  • Organization

We have not only created high-end products for your clients, but also a platform that helps you stay in control of your relationships with them. By organizing your business, you can increase efficiency and productivity. Our STYiLES app assists with managing all of your client’s orders and makes your job as an image consultant easier.

Image Consultant Organization


On our STYiLES app, you’ll be able to access your client’s pages easily on your dashboard and make changes and edits effortlessly! From changing measurements to viewing order details, everything you’ll need will be on your dashboard. Along with easy ordering, the STYiLES app will do all the hard work for you and keep everything organized within the mobile app.

  • Fast Delivery

Another one of our great features included fast and reliable shipping.  Your client’s products will not only be in great care but be delivered in a timely manner. Need products to be shipped out asap? Our STYiLES app also offers express delivery to meet the demands of your clients!

Final Thoughts

Various tools are made to help people carry out specific tasks. As an image consultant or personal shopper, it’s crucial to have the right tools at your disposal in order to grow your business. Growing your business shouldn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars nor should it require purchasing new gadgets that you are unfamiliar with. Sometimes the best tools are small and convenient but just as powerful as bigger tools.

The STYiLES app provides the power of big power tools but conveniently fits in your back pocket. STYiLES will be the best app in your arsenal of tools to strengthen your business and we have some great news to share with you! The best app that will help grow your image consulting business is now available to download!

Download the STYiLES App now on App Store or Google Play to start enjoying a premium image consulting experience. The app is the smartest way to connect image-conscious clients, professional image consultants, and specialized merchants, all on one platform.

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