About Us

About Us: STYiLES App

The STYiLES app is a B2B2C marketplace platform that brings the perfect look, global reach, and increased revenues to image-conscious clients, professional image consultants, and specialized merchants. Through STYiLES app, clients get to enjoy a premium image consulting experience. Image consultants and merchants can grow their business and promote their brands. The app offers high-quality clothing and accessories, custom tailoring, and personal shopping services to build upscale wardrobes. The platform provides a client booking service for customers to find the image consultants that meet their needs and schedule the consultations in an efficient way. The client management option assists image consultants in arranging the clients’ information and requests. Moreover, the live chat allows clients to communicate with their image consultants. The exclusive resources, easy ordering, and express shipping worldwide are other features that make of STYiLES the ultimate app for elite image consulting and styling.

Our Founder

Jen Auh is the founder of two thriving companies, Style Konsult and SUIT MAKE. Jen is an image consultant with 20+ years of experience in the beauty and fashion industries. She has worked at major brands such as Macy’s, Too Faced Cosmetics, Bliss, Maurices and Silver Jeans. Over the years, Jen has traveled to many countries and worked with numerous people to gather the finest resources and wise knowledge. She has gained expertise to help other image consultants rise to the top in the business.

Our Mission

The STYiLES app was built with the purpose of helping image consultants, customers, and merchants connect on one platform that improves the image consulting experience. Our founder, Jen Auh, knows very well about the challenges faced by image consultants today, especially when it comes to finding the best fabrics and accessories. Also, she considered the struggle that most clients go through when finding the perfect image consultant. As well, the app aims to facilitate the work of merchants, who can use STYiLES app for selling their high-end products to image consultants and their clients. That is why Jen created the platform to support all the professionals and clients that participate in the image consulting process. Our goal is creating an open and safe space for image consultants, clients, and vendors to become partners who benefit ones from the others.

Our Values

The STYiLES app aims to provide quality tools and guidance for image consultants, customers, and merchants from all over the world. We believe that image consultants play a key role in their clients’ lives. STYiLES defends self-improvement and promotes an excellent client experience. That is why we encourage the professionals to build strong businesses that are based on luxurious and personalized services. The platform brings together the best resources to take elite image consulting to the next level.