6 Steps to Build your Clients’ Style and Confidence

An image consultant talks with her client

Image consultants should advise their clients on many topics beyond fashion because style is not only clothing, but a way of life. A stylish person is someone who knows how to dress well but also how to make the most out of their charisma to always look bright and flawless. Therefore, image consultants must build great customized wardrobes for their clients as well as giving them personalized recommendations on how to groom themselves and be more confident in their daily lives. Style goes hand in hand with attitude.

That is why this week STYiLES is explaining to image consultants which are the 6 steps to follow in order to build their clients’ style and confidence for them to be capable of accomplishing their complete makeovers. Read carefully our tips for you to never fail upgrading your clients’ style, image, self-esteem and mindset. Make your clients glow with your wise advice. Be a creative, kind, responsible and attentive image consultant who manages to improve the inner confidence as well as the outer image of your clients. Follow these tips to make reach that goal:

1. Adapt to every client’s personal aspirations and needs

Each person is different and image consultants have to adapt to each of their clients with a dynamic and flexible styling work. Image consulting is a job that requires a lot of human contact, communication and empathy. In addition, every client has individual physical characteristics, character and charisma that are appropriate with various fashion styles and looks. Therefore, the image consultant must listen very carefully to how their clients feel and understand what their wishes are in order to develop a personalized makeover plan. The personalization of services creates a close connection with the client and makes them participate in your work, favors loyalty and recommendation by satisfied customers.

The image consultant is a professional who has studied the trends in fashion and in the field of styling to have the ability to know how to get the most out of each client’s potential. Little by little, with the image consultant’s advice and a constant fluid communication, the clients will feel more comfortable with their new outfits, routines and image changes for the better. Styling asks for teamwork and dedication from both sides. Maintain a marvelous relationship with your clients and become the image consultant you have always aspired to be.

2. Build a wardrobe that suits your clients perfectly

When the client asks for “a change”, you have the opportunity to create something completely different if you consider it may be right. Once the image consultant have had a few meetings with their clients, they should already know the path to follow in order to create a style that improves their appearance. The enhancement procedure must be smart and efficient because the clients need to interiorize the advice and the new looks for them to pull them off by themselves.

Styling is a playful and creative work that allows image consultants to add color and elegance to their clients’ wardrobes. Keep in mind that there should always be key pieces of clothing and accessories in your clients’ wardrobes, such as: shirts, suits, ties, pleated pants, etc. However, the image consultant has to add more unique and original items that will intensify the virtues of the client’s personal style and character. Depending on the person, certain colors or fabrics will suit them better. Having a “personal style” is the main purpose.

3. Select key accessories to upgrade your clients’ looks

Following the previous point, it is very important that image consultants go further in their approach to fashion, so they should also have much knowledge about accessories like men’s jewelry, watches, ties, glasses, hats, cufflinks, etc. From STYiLES we recommend image consultants to order items which are customized and made with the highest quality and detail. Accessories and clothing that are made with a special care to achieve a delicate and distinctive aesthetic make the difference in men’s looks. The quality of all garments determines whether an outfit is really elegant and sophisticated or not.

4. Work on the client’s attitude and confidence

Fashion is a way of personal expression to reflect a person’s personality and charisma through clothing. People who have found harmony in their personal style tend to be more confident and happier. That is why an image consultant must consider the psychological struggles that might arise from an image makeover and work on coaching their clients. Addressing the client’s emotions and thoughts is part of the process. Image consulting is focused on the external appearance and the internal feeling of the clients. Image consultants are professionals who have to boost their clients’ self-esteem to the maximum by giving them tools to dress and groom themselves well. Once the clients feel more handsome and attractive, they will immediately feel more content.

5. Advise your client on grooming and hair styling

The previous tip has made it clear that image and fashion is all about the complete polished appearance. A man who dresses flawlessly but does not know how to style his hair or groom his skin will not look that stylish and refined. The image consultant must give great importance to the beauty part of the makeover process. From the creams and serums that a man should use to keep his skin soft and hydrated, to his hair care routine… The daily steps that the image consultant must recommend to their clients are extensive and must also be personalized. Image consultants have to look for the best products and cosmetics in the market to recommend them to their clients.

6. Analyze the before/after and fix some details

A very rewarding and interesting stage in the process of enhancing a man’s image and style is that of comparing the before and after. We recommend that image consultants take many photos from different angles of the clients in the beginning so that they can examine themselves at the end of their makeover journey. After everything the clients have learned and improved, they themselves will be able to value their own style and image upgrade. That experience will make the clients’ confidence go through the roof. Image consultants should take advantage of that moment to explain to their clients both how far they have come and how much they still need to work on their enhancement. Photos and visual content are the best tools for customers to truly understand the importance of style and fashion.

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