5 Tips on How to Become a Successful Image Consultant

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The debut of a business is as exciting as it is risky for the image consultants who have prepared to create their own company. The amount of effort and work that the entrepreneurs pour into their business is huge. All their investments, dreams, hopes and wishes are bet on the company. They are putting their future on the line. That is why it is so important for them to make sure that their styling business is all ready to flourish. Become a successful image consultant with our infallible tips on how to succeed in the styling business.

STYiLES is offering image consultants and stylists some key tips for them to assure the success of their styling business’ debut. The fashion industry is a challenging and competitive sphere, but it also is full of opportunities and lucky chances. Follow our advice to get to know how to plan the triumphant debut of your styling business. Transmit the image and values that describe your company well to open up to the world in a successful way. Read carefully our 5 tips on how to become a successful image consultant.


1. Get advice from experienced and skilled image consultants

It might be overwhelming to start running a business on your own and making all the important decisions about it. As a consequence, it is convenient to ask experienced professionals who have had to face the same struggles as you in order to get wise advice from them. They will share the basics about business management and styling. Also, the professionals will introduce helpful experts to the founders so they can expand their contact list. They will have access to more information and solve future concerns faster.

2. Study the market and get inspiration from successful companies

It is essential for an entrepreneur in the fashion and style industry to have their own charisma and personality, but it is also relevant to get constant inspiration from other thriving professionals. Moreover, a business person must always have a hawk eye to analyze the market’s evolution and competence. 

It is fundamental for a competent boss to have as much knowledge as possible about their working field, the business’ surroundings and its scope. Therefore, a styling company will only succeed if the founder has made an exhaustive study of the economic and creative sides of the business with the help of specialists.

3. Make a clear plan about the business’ structure and composition

Before making a business debut, the founders must have gone through the process of selecting the “dream team” of collaborators and employees according to their criteria. It is crucial for the head to build a team that knows exactly how to proceed with work, communicate and do all their tasks fluently.

For that reason, the president of the styling business needs to have meetings with every employee separately and all together to discuss the company’s direction and philosophy before debuting. Also, it is necessary for the boss to define the limits between the departments and sections of the business for the employees to work simultaneously and in a coordinated way. Just after doing that, the company will be strong and unified enough to start operating.

4. Create a marketing strategy that will promote the business

After having a clear idea of the business’ structure, the next step is to develop an effective and attractive marketing strategy that will make the styling business visible to potential clients. This step is a turning point that will determine the company’s success in every aspect. The best and most efficient way to do that is to hire great marketing specialists that will work continuously to promote the business’ services and products that will catch people’s attention and make future clients want to schedule or purchase them.

Nowadays, building a good social media strategy is indispensable to make a business grow. The company must upload pictures, videos, reels and high-quality content regularly on social media to show to the world how amazing their work is and to prove their status and condition. Another way to make an awesome debut is to arrange an event where there will be music, food, information about the company and styling examples. Like that, people will realize how that exact business will be capable of improving their overall image and confidence.

5. Gain experience before starting your business

In order to make sure that the first styling and image consultations of the business will be a complete success and that the client will be 100 % satisfied, the boss and all the team have to arrange a few consultations before debuting as a test of the company’s dynamics. The team needs to try out its website page, the meetings with the employees and the clients, the face-to-face sessions, the follow-up… Finally, they should make sure to record and take pictures of that initial process as much as possible to publish it on their social media and website.


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