5 Things Image Consultants Wished They knew before starting their career

Tips for image consultants career

Starting out in this exciting new career path can be exciting but sometimes, scary. You want to make sure that you have all your questions answered so that you can be as professional as possible. We want to help with the execution process. In this article, we discuss the five main tips that image consultants wished they knew before starting their careers. We talk about the inside, side gigs, social media, competition and staying positive. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. We want to help guide you into being the best that you can possibly be. Keep reading to learn all about five different things that all image consultants wished they knew before starting their careers.

1. Focus on the Inside Too

While it is important to ensure your client has the perfect wardrobe, you also want them to feel great from the inside. They should be confident and proud of themselves. The clothing is just the first step to helping them feel empowered. Really get to know your client through and through. Ask them questions. Ask them what they want to achieve. Take a lot of notes.

Remember to be both shrewd and patient. It is never good to rush into things because mistakes are more easily prone to occur. When beginning your journey on improving your clients, it is best first to focus your communication. Communicating is crucial because it represents your overall demeanor and how you are viewed from outside perspectives. Make sure you ask the right questions when getting to know them. 

As a professional, you always want to come across as interested, personable, and thoughtful. Along with communication, mannerisms and facial expressions also play a large role in your total representation. Professional studies have shown that by displaying friendly behaviors and expressions, more people are drawn to your presence. In summary, these are some great attributes to begin your development.

If you are not shining from the inside, you will not shine on the out. Keep your focus fifty percent in and fifty percent out. It will help your client achieve the all-around perfect image upgrade which is exactly what they expect.

2. Side Gig

When starting out, keep image consulting as a side gig. Make sure that you have a job that helps you pay the bills while you focus on perfecting your brand. This way, you can take your time and be sure that your techniques are exactly as they should be. Take your time to grow your business by fine tuning all the nitty gritty details. If you rush through the process to get the check quicker, your business will go down quicker than it went up. Spend your days working a full time or part time job. Then, on the side you can focus on all the elements of your image consulting or personal branding business. Trust us, this is a really important step to success. If you rush the process, you won’t be successful. It is as plain and simple as that. So really take your time and make sure that you also focus on your full time job to help you out in the mean time! This is an extremely important step.

3. Competition

Of course, no matter the business path you choose in life, you will always be faced with a little competition. This is normal! Don’t worry about what he or she is doing. Just focus on what you can do to improve your brand. You will drive yourself nuts with worry if you keep checking on everyone else. Also, just remember that every image consultant is different. Your strengths and weaknesses may not match with someone else. Keep your head up high and just keep reaching for the stars. You’ve got this!

4. Social Media

Social Media is one of the most important steps of starting up a successful business. You have got to be consistent and active. When you constantly see a shirt you like on your feed, eventually you cave and buy it right? That is sort of how this works. If the audience sees you pop up enough, they will be temped to click and read more. Hence, more traffic and more customers. Get as much exposure as you possibly can using social media. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pintrest and even Tik Tok. Eventually, you will grow. Keep trying to get yourself noticed and it works!

5. Stay Positive

Keep your mind clear and free. You need to put in the work of course but make sure to relax and not overthink. You need to stay positive. You’re going to deal with a lot of hurdles and mishaps but guess what? It is all part of the game. The process can be really overwhelming and sometimes, you may feel like giving up. However, you need to stay strong and keep up your spirits. It will all be worth it in the end. Keep working hard and trying your best. If you work hard, you will always see results.

We hope that you enjoyed reading all about the five things image consultants wished they knew before starting their career. Just remember, stay positive and focused. Ignore the competition. Be consistent on social media. Keep it as a side gig. And of course, focus on the inside as much as the outside. We believe in you!

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