5 Men’s Fashion Tips for Winter Image Consultants Need to Know

mens winter fashion tips

As winter approaches, it’s time to break out the big long coats. There may be some people who experience a rough winter, while others may experience a milder change in temperature. Regardless, the change in season calls for a change of attire which is where your role as an image consultant comes to play.

It’s important that as an image consultant to not only keep your clients warm this season but appropriately dressed. It’s your job to stay up to date with the latest trends and create an in fashion look suitable for the season. In spite of that, there have been some trends that have remained constant since the beginning of time, and knowing some of these winter trends can simplify your task.

So take some notes! Here are 5 men’s fashion tips for winter image consultants need to know!

Know What You’re Working With

Before we just dive into tips and information, the first thing that needs to be assessed is your client. This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how often professional image consultants forget this. Get to know your clients and understand their environment. Understanding their environment will help significantly with how you advise and direct their fashion choices.

Simply asking about their daily routine and what their job expects from them is a great start. And as mentioned earlier, no one place experience the same kind of winter. So do some research of the physical environment they live in as well and ask how they tolerate the change in weather.

Asking questions is key to ensuring you complete your role as an image consultant successfully. Before implementing anything, make sure you know your clients well enough in order to make use of these helpful tips.

1. Layering

mens winter layering

This is the trick to having your clients stay at the right temperature. Heavy and thick clothing might be beneficial in the short run, however, layering provides a mix of both light and heavy pieces to create the ideal winter outerwear. When laying pieces of clothing, everything can be slightly adjusted by simply removing a layer.

Too warm? Then leave out the vest. Slightly cold? Then add a long sleeve and cardigan as your base over your blazer. This technique allows for versatility while still utilizing clothing that might already exist in a closet.  Effortless Gents provides a simple guide on how to layer pieces like a pro.

  • Thin → thick
  • slim → loose / relaxed
  • lightweight → heavy

2. Materials/Fabrics

Leather oftentimes gets associated with the fall/autumn season, but rocking the biker look in the winter might not be ideal for many of your clients. Leather is a great transitional piece from summer to fall, however, it might not be as practical for winter.

A quality piece that is made of good and sturdy material will help greatly during the winter months. Winter fashion often features heavier and thicker fabrics for more warmth. Wool and cotton are two fabrics to look out for during this season.

mens winter clothing

As long as the material of the coat or jacket can compensate for the thinner pieces (this is why layering is key), it’s not necessary to replace a summer suit in the winter.  Although expensive, wool provides balance when wearing thin pieces.

Popular outdoors brands do provide outwear with advanced heat technology. Although they are great at keeping you warm, they don’t always provide the look many professionals might be going for. A long wool trench coat can cost just about the same, yet provide a fashionable and warm look.

3. Colors

You can drastically change the ambiance of an outfit with a winter color scheme. In our last article, we discuss in-depth about winter color palettes image consultants need to know.

4. Shoes

A winter outfit would not be complete without footwear. Winter footwear can make or break an outfit, and it is vital to know what type of footwear is necessary.  Another category item that seems pricey at first glance, but will become a staple in every man’s wardrobe over time. A good rule of thumb is to look for well-made shoes. It’s important that clients still have some functionality with their shoes.

mens leather shoes

A pair of leather shoes can be a stylish, smart option for any professional or even outdoor man. Quality leather not only offers a long-lasting appearance but is also versatile and professional. As for the style of shoe, boots are ideal for winter.  Boots give a sleek appearance and accentuate the legs.

5. The Fit

mens suit

Despite being comfortable, baggy, and loose can give off a totally different look when done incorrectly.  Clothing such as suits should fit the body snugly, but not too tight (should be able to move freely). In addition, baggy and frumpy shirts should be avoided since layering is a hallmark of winter fashion.

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So step up your game as an image consultant this winter with these 5 men’s fashion tips for winter.

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