4 Key Tips to Properly Store Clothes

Store organized wardrobe

In a recent STYiLES blog post, we talked about “investment pieces.” Investment pieces are upscale items that someone is willing to invest in because of their high quality and versatility. These items are guaranteed to be influential to a person’s image and style, as well as polish up their wardrobe. One key method to keep clothing in their best condition is to store it properly.

With proper storage, clothing will maintain its original quality so it looks high-end and refined. Here are a few tips for storing clothing in order to keep it in its best condition that image consultants can share with their clients to help them make the most of their wardrobe. This advice is perfect for a wardrobe consultation or a personal shopping session.


The everyday essentials, such as t-shirts, underwear and socks, should be replenished every 6 months. Make sure that the items do not have holes, piles or fades of colors. If so, all needs to be replaced. As well, distribute the wardrobe by color to keep it more organized and find the right outfit combinations.

Use the right hangers

  • Always store button-downs on wooden hangers.
  • Hang shirts only and all the outers. Fold sweaters, t-shirts, and accessories.
  • Take shirts out of the plastic after getting them back from the dry cleaner, as the plastic will trap chemicals inside that will slowly break down the material’s fibers. The same can be said for suits, as well.
  • Keep delicate items on lightweight hangers. If they are non-slip, even better, as this will help the item maintain its structure.
  • Store outerwear on sturdy wood hangers. Outerwear is heavier. A more durable, wooden hanger will provide it the support it needs.
  • Hang suits on suit hangers. Using a suit hanger will preserve the integrity of the suit’s shape and help to keep its best condition.
  • Avoid metal hangers. Metal hangers are thin and weak, so they do not have the strength to effectively store clothes. They are slippery and will not hold items in place. This can damage the shape of items, especially in the shoulders.
  • The ideal spacing between coat hangers is 1-2 inches. This gives fabric room to breathe and keeps items wrinkle-free.

Keep knits folded

Knitted items and those made of wool and cashmere typically have a more sensitive structure and are prone to becoming deformed.

  • The longer they are stored on a hanger, the more likely it is that their structure will be compromised. Instead, fold knits and place them on shelves or in drawers.
  • Importantly, rolling items to store them in drawers prevents wrinkles more effectively than folding.

Clean out of season garments before putting them away

Coats and jackets are exposed to the elements. After being worn out, they accumulate grime in addition to the oils and sweat from the person who wears them. If they are not cleansed before being put away for long-term storage at the end of the season, the dirt and sediment can permanently stain and weaken the fabric. Additionally, unfavorable odors might set in.

  • Clean outwear according to care instructions before storing them away properly.
  • Store in a garment bag formal clothing that is worn on special occasions.

Zip all zippers and button all buttons

This applies to all categories of clothing: pants, outerwear, button-downs, and more. It will help clothing maintain its shape and remain wrinkle-free. For button-down shirts, it is enough to just button every other button, although extra precaution is convenient. These practices will prevent clothing from shifting around on hangers.

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