10 Image Consulting Business Tips to Grow Your Business

image consulting business tips

Starting a business is an amazing milestone and one that you should be proud of.  As a professional image consultant, the goal is to not only to improve the client’s appearance but to also refine their professional behavior. One’s professional appearance plays a significant role in the direction of the success of an individual. And with the help of your services as an image consultant, clients can achieve their ultimate professional goals.

Although your image consulting business may have the right tools and operations, without a proper foundation it may seem as if there’s no actual development in your image consulting business. If you’re looking to exponentially grow your image consulting business and start seeing profitable growth then this article is for you! Here are 10 image consulting business tips to grow your business.

1. Know Your Audience

Some things just aren’t for everyone and that’s okay. But the world is big and there most certainly are people out there looking specifically for what you can offer. Understanding who these specific groups of people are will tremendously aid in the growth of your business. Recognizing your target audience will help guide your marketing focus and target these groups within that niche. When knowing who the audience is, you’ll eventually generate continuous leads which will result in growth.

2. Specialize In Your Services

Imagine, walking into an ice cream shop with over 20 flavors and the server asks you what flavor you want. Some individuals might have the time to wait and try out each flavor, but if you’re pressed for time this isn’t the best option. And because of this, leaving the ice cream shop and going elsewhere seems like an easier plan.

There might be a wide variety of services that you can offer, but having a select group of services that you can call yourself an expert in will make you stand out more than other image consultants. Having a specific/special service along with the standard services image consultants offer will better promote your uniqueness. Clients will notice your expertise in this specific area and gravitate towards what you have to offer vs your competitors.

3. Have a Plan

Have a plan and stick with it. This sounds easy, but most often than not individuals deviate from their original business plan. Writing out a business plan for your image consulting business doesn’t need to be extensive nor complicated. Just covering some of the basic points such as cost, services, and marketing already creates a simple and structured plan. Once things start to pick up with business and clients’ growth you can adjust your plan accordingly using the original one as a guideline.

4. Use the Right Tools

How can a plumber fix anything without his toolbox?  Similarly, many of us can’t work without the rights tools by our side. No matter the size of your business, having the right tools at your disposal will make work much easier. This doesn’t just mean having the latest laptop and cellphone but having the needed accessories and applications to make communicating with clients.

As an image consultant, keeping track of a client’s development is crucial, so having the right tools ( digital or paper) will make work management trouble-free. Every consultant is different, so it’s important to ask yourself ” what tools will help me do my job better?”. Once you identify what your go-to tools are, then implement them into your workstation.

5. Utilize Social Media

If you aren’t already, then now is the time to jump onto the social media bandwagon. Having a professional website for your business is great and should not be excluded while considering your marketing options. However, social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are great platforms to utilize in order to promote brand awareness and drive traffic to  your website.

An article by discusses how  using social media platforms properly can result in having an affordable marketing tool that will help generate new leads to your business.  Now there is a lot that comes with social media marketing such as organic content vs paid content. But what’s important is establishing your social media presence based on your target audience.

6. Network

Similar to utilizing social media, networking is a great way to further grow your image consulting business.  Whether it’s online or in-person, attending events and or joining online groups where people of the same niche associate is another way to generate new leads. Just your presence alone in these environments can attract new and potential clients.  You’ll never know who may possibly be interested in your business, so putting your name out there in these settings will be great practice. Not only will you promote your business, but you will be able to pool data on others such as competitors or potential clients.

7. Make Your Services Clear

As an image consultant, the list of services you can offer can vary.  But as mentioned in tip #2, having too many services can result in potential clients feeling overwhelmed. It’s important to clearly state the available services you have to offer to your clients on your website. Do you strictly help business professionals secure their dream job? Or do you provide image consulting to individuals looking to find the love of their life? Having a clear and concise list of services with what you are offering will help save you and potential clients a lot of time.

List of example services:

  • 1 to 1 image consulting
  • Client makeover
  • Personal shopping
  • Professional communication consulting

8. Make Adjustments

If you’ve been in the image consulting business for a while and have yet to see significant growth, then it might be time to make some changes. This does not mean that you need to  completely start from scratch, but rather make some changes to pre-existing services you have available. It’s amazing what small changes can result in.  Surveying previous clients or better yet putting up a poll on your website or social media channels can give rise to some useful feedback to better polish up your services.

9. Certifications

People love seeing proof. Working with a professional can ensure clients that they are in good hands and that their time and money will be worth investing in your business. Having a certification in any field will boost your credibility and build a stronger trust with clients. If you aren’t already, then put some time aside to gain those certifications as an image consultant. There’s always much more to learn, and people have more trust in those who continuously educate themselves.

10. Seek Professional Help

Trying to fix everything on our own isn’t impossible, however, when there are services available to make life easier then why not go the easy route?

Seeking professional help doesn’t mean that you and your team are incapable of growing your image consulting business. Seeking guidance from a professional can better direct which course of action to take while saving you both time and money. And we provide just that at STYiLES! Let us show you how most of these image consulting business tips can be realized in our app.

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